2019 Cloud Security Trends to Look Out For

2019 Cloud Security Trends to Look Out For

As data security became a priority in organisations, business owners turned to managed IT services in Australia to implement cloud solution platforms. And when it became popular among businesses, it became evident how cloud infrastructures were more secure compared to legacy systems.

The cloud security follows a shared responsibility model wherein cloud service providers and cloud users work hand-in-hand to keep data safe. While service providers protect the infrastructures that run the services in the cloud, users monitor risky configurations and other cybersecurity threats. And by practising that, the cloud became a safe environment for business information.

In the coming year, there are new cloud security trends to look out for and here are a few of them:

Increase in Account Compromises

When you take a look at the business world today, you can see that there are numerous companies utilising cloud solutions. And because of this prevalent use of the cloud, more and more cybercriminals made the effort to compromise cloud accounts. In the coming year, credential compromises will become one of the prevalent security threats among organisations and over time it will grow in number. For that reason, it’s a necessity for business owners to enforce strong cybersecurity policies and acquire technologies that can aid in detecting and intercepting malicious activities.

A Drop of Cryptojacking Attacks

As the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin increased in the past, cryptojacking attacks started to occur. But now that the value of cryptocurrencies dropped and malicious activity detection capabilities increased, these attacks are bound to decrease in number. That said, businesses have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and implement necessary defences before the next wave of cryptojacking attacks come.

Compliance will Remain to be a Work in Progress

Although businesses are already applying preventive measures to address security problems, there is still a lot of work to do in order to achieve comprehensive compliance across cloud environments. According to the report Palo Alto Networks Unit 42’s threat research team released, 32% of the companies they analyzed publicly exposed a cloud storage service at least once. And because of these risky resource configurations, high-profile breaches are likely to take place in these public cloud environments.

Improvements in Vulnerability Management

It is evident in the present day that there are numerous security threats out there in the open. And with the help of the cloud, these vulnerabilities become easier to manage. The dedication of the cloud service providers to improve their infrastructure has helped numerous businesses to attain a robust first line of defence. And as long as the companies do their part in identifying and patching vulnerabilities, they will be able to enjoy data security at an optimal level.

Prevalence of Managed Container Services

Aside from the ones mentioned above, one of the cloud security trends you have to keep an eye on this 2019 is the prevalence of managed container services. This is especially true because it is now easier for developers to deploy, manage, and scale these containerized applications. And although there will be security threats that will still remain, it will become easier to fend off as long as they comply with the basic security hygiene when they use these services.

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