10 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Company

10 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Company

A lot of buzzes have been heard about Microsoft Dynamics 365, but what exactly is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Let’s explain it plain and simple. So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based enterprise system that combines Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility and extensibility. It’s not just an ERP product or CRM product; it’s both. Dynamics 365 is the next big thing in customer service management software and will put your business solutions into a single, uninterrupted experience, and at the same time customized to fit the needs and requirements of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates two systems (CRM and ERP) and their capabilities into applications that work coherently altogether across different departments for your company, such as sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing and project service automation. If your company is currently on Office 365 for business, Dynamics 365 can totally work well with it. Additionally, the things you can do with it will only grow day by day. That will give you and your company the growth and development it needs.

Now, let’s check out the benefits we’re talking about in the title. Here they are.

Start with what you need and add apps as your needs change.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is simple, and it has been built that way by Microsoft. You can use individual apps that work both on their own or together, that way you can create the solution that fits your business needs. By the time your situation changes, and new needs are required, you can easily find the applications that help you grow.

New way of understanding customers.

Any kind of customer data, Dynamics 365 handles it all. This will let you get the complete picture of the customers. You can use pre-built KPIs (key performance indicator) to truly understand the customer journey with real-time updates. You get the ability to personalize the customer experience and to easily measure and track the health of customer relationships.


Having a monthly operational cost and a subscription model is far more flexible than having capital costs. It has the potential to be much cheaper as you only buy what you need. Dynamics 365 puts a stop for the need to manage your own data center and servers, which only means two important things in running a business: decrease in expenses and significant savings.


Completely based on purchase subscriptions by role, you are given the option to only subscribe employees of the company to the work they actually do and not buy a single large license covering all roles. Having that option makes it easier for your IT Services Australia. Again, it’s that simple!

Ease of use.

AppSource, Microsoft’s new app market is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based from. From the word “dynamic”, it says it all for this product from Microsoft. You can easily search and find the apps that you and your company need in Dynamics 265, making it very easy to understand and use. This is very convenient for businesses whose needs are sometimes changing.


Again, when there comes a time for your businesses needs to change or will change, Dynamics 365 comes to your rescue. It gives you the ability to scale up and down because it comes with a monthly subscription. You will only have to pay for what you need and only when you need it.


Transforming how you manage your customer data and daily situations, Dynamics 365 has the agility you’ve been looking for in a system. Break down barriers between critical business platforms and in no time, you will make your data start working together. This is mainly coinciding with the core concept of the Microsoft Common Data Model, which is a shared business database. It is the glue that connects all data and processes together, unifying CRM and ERP capabilities. So, you can say good bye to silos of information because of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


So, we’re 7 benefits down and here’s 1 more. What makes you, as a business owner happy? Employees being more productive, and Dynamics 365 does that! That is because they have access to both the insights needed to make your employees come up with the best decisions and also provide the tools they need to do their work. By combining ERP, CRM, Office, and additional apps into one, cloud-based experience on a common data model, you have a people-centric platform that makes employees daily work easier.


Dynamics 365 gives you full access to real-time insights gathered from your data, and along with that is its built-in predictive analytics to help you come up a plan for the future of your company. Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning are all natively embedded and available for you to use. You have everything you need!


Talking about security, Dynamics 365 gives you a reliable one. Robust security and access controls for apps and data are built into the cloud services, and that includes the physical datacenter, network connectivity, service hosting platform, and user and administrator access. Talk about robust security!

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