Here at House of IT, we don’t just take an IT-based method on our work. We understand the whole IT business and know what it takes to help companies be successful.

Our experience in the industry has given us opportunities to aid clients worldwide. So whether you need to take on new challenges, compete in the market, grow your business or have big plans for the future, we are here to give you appropriate decisions when it comes to your technology needs.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

When it comes to restoring computer systems and networks and retrieving corporate data, House of IT has all the tools and expertise you need. We have a number of backup solutions aimed at keeping your important data safe in case of emergency. You need not worry about experiencing downtime as our backup recovery systems make sure that your business does not suffer.


IT Consulting

Complete all your company’s IT requirements and get the help from our team of seasoned professionals. They have the skills, knowledge & experience and are proficient in doing the following processes: project planning, system & process design, implementation, project admin, and support. With them, setting up an effective IT solution for your business won’t be a struggle.


Software/System Selection

We will determine exactly what features your corporate IT platform requires and provide the appropriate hardware and software and develop a system that fulfils these requirements. With our in-depth knowledge of various operating systems, applications, computer components and peripherals, we can advise what best suits your company. Our team will ensure that your new corporate IT platform will run smoothly.


Network Installation/Upgrades

Our services are aimed at optimising speed, stability, security and cost effectiveness of all types of business network systems. We assess a wide number of existing business networks and recommend any alterations to cater to specific commercial needs. When we have completed the network installation process, we provide additional support such as remote assistance and helpdesk services to keep everything running efficiently. We can also conduct regular upgrades if required, ensuring that your system remains at its optimal level.


Data Protection

With data protection, we have backup processes to guarantee that tasks run on schedule and data is securely backed up and recoverable. We have all the effective processes and methodologies in place to maintain data integrity. We help you protect sensitive data while achieving compliance objectives.


I.T Security

Our IT Security will let you lessen the chances of unauthorized disclosure and alteration or destruction of confidential information. We regularly conduct a thorough risk management of your company’s IT system and develop and implement effective mitigation strategies. You also have access to upgrades, maintenance and helpdesk services. Thus, you minimize the risk of data and identity theft in your business and will be ensured that your overall IT system is safe and secure.


IT Health Check

Let your company operate at a level of security with IT health check. House of IT will aid you with systematic and actionable information on all of your devices. Infrastructure problems will be solved faster than the typical and traditional network tools. We also give you valuable insight into your company’s network so you will know if it’s the right time to add or invest new applications to your company’s system. With an improved network performance, you can plan ahead and act with confidence.


Server & Desktop Virtualization

Get the benefit of having a virtual interface that allows your employees to work together seamlessly through one central machine. House of IT will ensure that the right security protocols, driver software and file systems are implemented in order to minimise the risk of downtime and server failure in the future. With a stable virtual interface at your back, you will have access to a simpler, safer and more cost-effective IT platform for your company.


Server & Network Documentation

When it comes to server & network documentation, House of IT adheres to the industry’s best practices. We develop and maintain your IT system a lot faster, facilitate the troubleshooting process and install & configure programs while minimising system downtime. Thus, you save time, money and effort and still retain your business’ level of productivity.


Email Services

To make email easier, we have improved email services to organise all email accounts in the most convenient way possible. We provide easy access and storage of e-mail messages in your business. With our upgraded email services, there’s less complexity in managing multiple accounts.


Mobile Device Management

House of IT provides a simple yet effective way to manage, secure, monitor, and control your mobile devices. We optimise mobile functionality and protect the data & configuration settings. With this, we provide end-to-end security so your business has complete control over all your mobile devices.